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Le clavier affiche les mauvais caractères

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When Making The Best Smartphone Brand Is In Your Hands

If you are dreaming of creating a smartphone technology company to compete with big names such as Samsung and Apple, then get started with Smartphone Tycoon!

The game we will introduce you today is a "different" product in the current market. While manufacturers are striving to follow market trends such as the Three Kingdoms series and shooter games, Roastery Games is "backfiring" by building Smartphone Tycoon - a mobile simulation game compatible with Android.


At present, Smartphone Tycoon shows a lot of charisma and the number of downloads is growing significantly, although it was released on  the market just a short time ago. 

The most prominent feature of Smartphone Tycoon is that it simulates several essential elements of the phone business as well as fierce competition here. Your opinions will determine the success or failure of the Company's products.

Gameplay of Smartphone Tycoon

Similar to other big brothers of the same genre, Smartphone Tycoon is a simulation game of the fierce competition on the smartphone market. Players will play a role as a giant investor with the ambition of dominating the mobile market, starting with the establishment of a phone company, branding, and business strategy. 

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The ideas for the company's first phones is what the player needs to do later. And of course, as your business grows, expanding your scale is natural. You'll have to hire more people and manage more segments.


Remember that

Initially, you own a substantial investment capital, but if you don’t invest in a reasonable way, you cannot earn profits, consequently, bankruptcy will happen. So come up with unique ideas to create a product that fits the needs of consumers at an affordable. 

Not only that, you have to outline business strategies as well as propose the minimum spending that still brings about significant effects.

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Design of the game

Smartphone Tycoon has pretty detailed graphics with minimalist colors, not too fussy, and the sound system of the game is designed to match the actions that the player performs.

If you hope to create a smartphone technology company to compete with the big guys in the smartphone market today, get started today and get familiar with Smartphone Tycoon!  Currently, the game is released for free with limited features, if you desire for a great experience, then we encourage you to buy Premium.

You are excited about Smartphone Tycoon, then you should  look forward to our next article about interesting tips, different ways to produce an AAA phone in Smartphone Tycoon. Please leave a comment to share with us your experience with this game!

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