Comparatif de 15 boitiers


Tom’s Hardware Guide (anglais) vient de mettre en ligne un grand comparatif dédié à 15 boîtiers. Les boitiers testés sont les suivants :

  •  Antec P160
  •  Casetek C1020
  •  Chieftec BX-01
  •  Coolermaster Wavemaster
  •  Inter-Tech Sportcar Design
  •  InWin IW-J568G
  •  Jet-Computer Last Samurai 
  •  Lian Li PC-V1000
  •  NZXT Guardian
  •  Revoltec Midi Tower…
  •  Silverstone Temjin SST-TJ02
  •  Silverstone Temjin SST-TJ03S
  •  Superflower X-Mask SF-462
  •  Thermaltake XaserV V5000A
  •  Yeong Yang YY-5603

Citation : Cucumber Salad Or Band-Aid?

Price is certainly a big consideration when buying a new midi tower. But what do you really get for your money? How well built is the case? What hardware can you install and, most importantly, how do you install it? We tested 15 different cases to see how they measured up.

We also tested how safe the cases for hardware installation. We did this by using a cucumber to test the sharpness of all the edges and drive bays that you have to watch out for when installing hardware. So don’t laugh – it’s better to have a bowl full of cucumber salad than a pile of gauze and band-aids. 

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